Welcome to the Phonetic Cantonese Language Institute

The PCLI was created to promote the Cantonese language, but was mostly the work of one person as I wasn’t able to convince people to join me in my work. For a long time, I focused my efforts on developing a phonetic writing system for Cantonese, which can be found under the resources section as Cantobet 3. However, another team has succeeded in creating a community dedicated to creating a Cantonse script and my work appears insignificant in comparison. I believe the Jyutcitzi/粵切字 project (https://github.com/jyutcitzi) will be the hub of Cantonese script innovation.

The PCLI will continue to exist for now, though perhaps it serves no purpose. I continue to monitor the progress and development of Jyutcitzi/粵切字, but maybe I will retire from Cantonese alphabet creation.