Welcome to the Phonetic Cantonese Language Institute

Welcome to the website of the Phonetic Cantonese Language Institute!

This website includes information about the Insitute’s mission, contact information and current projects. Here, you can find links to a few critical Cantonese learning resources, including a proof of concept audiobook writen in vernacular Cantonese, a page showing the Cantobet, which is a writing system developed for Cantonese speakers to communicate using a phonetic writing system, and a few links to other sites. You will also find contact information and updates about the Institute’s actions. You can send and receive messages using the Cantobet here: http://cantoneselang.org/project-pidgeon/index.html

Check out the Cantobet resources! If you start writing using this system, all sorts of exciting possibilities open up for its use!

If you would like to help the Institute with its mission, please use the contact page, and contact me, Raymond. I’m always looking for help with various types of work and would really appreciate volunteers. If you volunteer with the Institute, I will try to make it worth your while by making sure you learn all sorts of useful and interesting skills. So far, I’ve learned how to read better in Chinese, how to create a writing system, gained marketing experience and learned random things about the Cantonese world. I’ve also learned how to use Inkscape, got a taste of working as a Cantonese tutor, and how to use WordPress. I flew to British Columbia for a conference, collected beautiful poems donated to me by the public, and met many very nice people from my outreach actions. While I can’t be sure what the next project will be, I sincerely feel that working on the Phonetic Cantonese Language Institute’s projects has been a lot of fun, and I hope that someone will join me on taking on the massive challenge that awaits.