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Forward-looking statement

In the coming months, I will be doing research into the Cantonese language in order to come up with a list of suggested features for a Cantonese alphabet. I will be looking for information regarding the frequency of different sounds used in Cantonese, the frequency of various Cantonese words, and perhaps some research into psychology to determine what sorts of shapes will be easiest to remember. Once this research has been completed, I will then launch an alphabet-creation contest to the public.

New links added

I have added a few new links to the website containing links to other links, dictionaries, and useful tools I have come across. Feel free to send me links to useful material for Cantonese at any time, especially for Cantonese learning resources, reference materials and computer tools.

New audiobook posted

On the audiobook page on this website, you can now find a story written in Cantonese and an audio recording of the story made by the author. Feel free to use the audiobook page as a learning resource either through the website, or by downloading a copy of the audio and text from the audiobook page. The story is written in the vernacular style of Cantonese and the text corresponds with the audio recording. The story is about a carpenter, and teaches people about the meaning of gratitude.

Many thanks to the author, Roger Lin, for making this material available!


Welcome to the website of the Phonetic Cantonese Language Institute! This website includes information about the Insitute’s mission, contact information and current projects.