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Result of alphabet creation workshop

Unfortunately, I came 10 minutes late, and did not meet anybody who knew about the workshop beforehand. In the end, there were a few passersby who helped draw some pictures. For example: a wave for the s sound. They also gave me valuable experience and reminded me that not everybody pronounces Cantonese in the Hong Kong way or uses traditional characters. I also met another person who told me that I need better marketing and suggested that I get people’s emails and send out reminders in the future a day before the event.

Lessons learned.

In any case, the workshop failed to produce a full alphabet. However, I did make some preparations for the workshop, and have uploaded an Open Office file that is an alphabet-creation toolkit/workbook. Basically, all anyone needs to do in order to create a Cantonese alphabet is to create symbols for all the sounds listed in the workbook. I will attempt again to create an alphabet an hopefully, this time, I will be more successful.

The link to the alphabet-creation toolkit can be found here: Cantonese Alphabet Creation Toolkit-Make Your Own Alphabet.


Alphabet creation date and location set for Saturday, August 20th, 2016 at Kitchener City Hall at 2:00pm

On August 20th, 2016 at 2:00pm at Kitchener City Hall, in front of the fountain, there will be a meeting to create an alphabet for Cantonese. I will bring papers explaining the various sounds that exist in Cantonese, and will supply blank paper and writing utensils. Different people will draw symbols for different letters of the alphabet, and at the end, the people there will get together and choose the letters to use for the various sounds and add them up together to make an alphabet. We will test the alphabet out on some Cantonese phrases and make some adjustments to the letters if necessary.

The created alphabet will be the first version and will be posted to the website when completed. Perhaps more alphabets will be created in the future, but after this event, we can say that there is at least one available for use!

I hope to see you there!


Forward-looking statement

In the coming months, I will be doing research into the Cantonese language in order to come up with a list of suggested features for a Cantonese alphabet. I will be looking for information regarding the frequency of different sounds used in Cantonese, the frequency of various Cantonese words, and perhaps some research into psychology to determine what sorts of shapes will be easiest to remember. Once this research has been completed, I will then launch an alphabet-creation contest to the public.

New links added

I have added a few new links to the website containing links to other links, dictionaries, and useful tools I have come across. Feel free to send me links to useful material for Cantonese at any time, especially for Cantonese learning resources, reference materials and computer tools.

New audiobook posted

On the audiobook page on this website, you can now find a story written in Cantonese and an audio recording of the story made by the author. Feel free to use the audiobook page as a learning resource either through the website, or by downloading a copy of the audio and text from the audiobook page. The story is written in the vernacular style of Cantonese and the text corresponds with the audio recording. The story is about a carpenter, and teaches people about the meaning of gratitude.

Many thanks to the author, Roger Lin, for making this material available!


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