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五個新符號/Five new symbols

我好感激呢四位自願者嘅幫忙. 三位只願者要求保持私人。一位英文名係 Aimee McConnell.

Four people have volunteered their symbols for the Cantobet, and I thank them for their help. One was Aimee McConnell, and the other three people wished to remain anonymous.

G, two symbols
g and w symbols
F symbol
Symbol for p. (Does not include the square, only the contents in the square.) 圖畫唔計框

Cantobet can now be sent over email and read back!

Hello everyone,

I have been working on Project Pidgeon, which is a way for people to write the Cantobet using the computer. It’s now possible for people to type Cantobet letters using a web page, encode it, send it over email, decode the message using the same website and read the message back. The link to the page can be found here: Give it a try! Send a message to your friends, it’s ho dut yee.

Source code for project pidgeon can be found at this address: The code is released into the public domain and you are free to modify it, copy it, share it and build upon it.

The saliva symbol, originally the square has now been changed to X after some reconsideration. Other than that, all other symbols remain as in Cantobet 3.

Any help making the Cantobet a reality for millions of Cantonese speakers around the world would be greatly appreciated. You can find my contact information on the contact page.

I need help with writing in Chinese so that I can better communicate with people about my ideas, with outreach, with the production of a video explaining why this needs to be done, with software-related issues, and with compiling writing and learning materials.