This is a link to the Penkyamp project. Penkyamp is a very advanced project promoting a romanized Cantonese script. It is a little bit different from the Cantobet project in that Roman letters are used for the symbol and the script seems complete, but otherwise, it it shares many of the same goals as the Cantobet project. Their project is much more advanced than the Cantobet project. I really like what they are doing and one day, I will learn Penkyamp, but I am currently busy.

Still, there are important differences between the philosophy of Cantobet, which remains incomplete, and Penkyamp. These differences include differences in design, differences in teaching philosophy and a difference in end goal. Perhaps one day I will explain my own point of view when I have time to write in Chinese again. I would prefer choosing the letters of Penkyamp differently.

Perhaps Penkyamp will be the success of the Cantonese people one day. Good luck!