Result of alphabet creation workshop

Unfortunately, I came 10 minutes late, and did not meet anybody who knew about the workshop beforehand. In the end, there were a few passersby who helped draw some pictures. For example: a wave for the s sound. They also gave me valuable experience and reminded me that not everybody pronounces Cantonese in the Hong Kong way or uses traditional characters. I also met another person who told me that I need better marketing and suggested that I get people’s emails and send out reminders in the future a day before the event.

Lessons learned.

In any case, the workshop failed to produce a full alphabet. However, I did make some preparations for the workshop, and have uploaded an Open Office file that is an alphabet-creation toolkit/workbook. Basically, all anyone needs to do in order to create a Cantonese alphabet is to create symbols for all the sounds listed in the workbook. I will attempt again to create an alphabet an hopefully, this time, I will be more successful.

The link to the alphabet-creation toolkit can be found here: Cantonese Alphabet Creation Toolkit-Make Your Own Alphabet.