Example poems written with the Cantobet

I walked around Chinatown one day several months ago and asked people to create a poem in Cantonese that I could use for teaching the Cantobet. Two very helpful and generous people aided me in my quest by giving me permission to use their poems, and I have uploaded two scans of their poems written in the Cantobet. The scan with the Chinese writing on top and Cantobet writing underneath was given anonymously by a woman in memory of her son. The second scan is a purely Cantobet poem written by a man who wrote in Chinese, but whose original hand-written note to me is lost. I feel really bad about losing that poem, as it had accompanied me for many months while I worked up the energy to translate it. Still, I have given my best effort at recovering his poem from memory and have uploaded the scan of that version of his poem here.



With these two writing samples, you can practise deciphering the Cantobet.